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At FEV we offer a distinguished culinary experience of farm to table cuisine that will please the most discerning palate. Serving local and ethically conscious sourced food is our passion. Our daily three-course menu is chosen by what is in season at the finca's own organic vegetable garden, local farms and markets.  Chicken, beef or fish are always on the menu in addition to vegetarian and pasta dishes upon request.


These delightful meals are presented “family style” three times a day. This means the menu for the day is selected by our kitchen staff and served to everyone the same way. In other words, there is no menu a-la-carte. However, we will accommodate meals for any dietary restrictions or preference (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.).


Our dining hours are 7:30 am Breakfast, 12:30 pm Lunch and 6:30 pm Dinner. Complimentary FEV coffee is served throughout the day in the dining room. Meal prices range from $10 for breakfast (day visitors)  - $12 for lunch and/or dinner. Toña Beer ($2) and a nice variety of red and white wine is also sold upon request. Wine bottles from $21-25 or by the glass from $6-$8. We are also very proud of our certified mountain spring water - make sure to fill up your bottle before departing! NOTE: A 15% IVA tax is charged for all meals and drinks. 


NOTE: Breakfast is included in your lodging rate. We offer a choice of a traditional Gallo Pinto and eggs (fried or scrambled) with fresh tortilla or a lighter serving of fresh fruit with a bowl of oatmeal or granola and/or yogurt. Due to our remote location, our dining room is the only place to eat during your stay. If you opt to skip any of our freshly prepared meals, please notify the kitchen staff at least one hour ahead of the serving time to avoid any waste.  

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